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5 GB Disk Space
5 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Softaculous Pro


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5 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Softaculous Pro


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10 GB Disk Space
30 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
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USA/Canada: 800.651.9324    
London (UK): 020.3129.2119    
Sydney (AU): 02.8417.2378    
Amsterdam (NL): 085.888.3132    
Stockholm (SW): 8 446 83 910    
Johannesburg (ZA): 010.500.4117    
International iNum: 883510009047956    
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• Website hosting was never this easy! Since 2006, we lead the pack in low cost website hosting!

Our state-of-the-art data centers have redundant power, redundant gateways, carrier-class routers and switches, failover servers and more. All you have to do is make your website shine. We give you all the tools you will need, including a fully functional cPanel, Softaculous Pro, Fantastico, RVskins, Sitebuilder and more. The most popular website applications can be installed with just a few clicks! We cater to both individual website owners and website hosting resellers. Our prices are the lowest!

• Your Data Center has our web hosting servers where you need them!

Your Data Center has servers all over the world ready to host your websites and a WHM reseller hosting panel for our resellers.

We offer website hosting, cPanel hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers on six continents

• North America  • South America  • Europe  • Australia • Africa • Asia •

(Being that Antarctica is extremely cold and only has about 5,000 residents we do not have servers located there)

Our website hosting servers are located in New York, Long Island, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Lakeland and Los Angeles in the United States, Quebec Canada, London, Kent, Maidenhead, Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Frankfurt in Europe, Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, Johannesburg South Africa, Sao Paulo Brazil and Tokyo Japan. Our cloud hosting servers in Sydney are so fast that they load like they are next door from anywhere on the planet! That is very important as the faster your website responds, the more likely customers are going to stick around. We can put the website hosting server closer to your potential and current customers, giving you a quick response time, higher conversion rates and a better Google and Alexa rank.

• We have the most competitive website hosting plans, certificate and domain options, period!

Our low cost website hosting plans and low cost reseller hosting plans offer more than ample bandwidth and very low prices, all without contracts. We do not charge extra fees for exceeded bandwidth. Just move up to the next level if you find a need for more than you expected. It's that simple! Our domain TLD and Sub-TLD prices are very low and our unmatched selection is in the hundreds of extensions. Still, you can bring your own domain name here if you wish. Just point it at our name servers! Static IP addresses and SSL/TLS certificates are available at prices that will amaze you. We pass big savings on to you, just because we can.

• Your Data Center has powerful website security on our servers!

We take care of you unlike most other website hosting companies. Databases are locked down so they cannot be accessed from the outside. When it comes to payment gateways, we can guide you through all of the steps necessary to make your customer's experience a pleasant one. Repeat customers are the most important thing you will ever have. We will help you keep them!

• Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting Services

Are you interested in starting your own Internet Radio station? Setting up your own server is costly and difficult, not to mention bandwidth intensive, unless you let us host it of course. We take all the complexity out of hosting your own Internet Radio station, and we do it for less than the cost of a cheap lunch!

Our powerful servers can host your Internet Radio station with full MP3 or AAC encoding, live streaming or an AutoDJ that will entertain your audience for hours on end automatically using your selection of programming or music. You get a full web based control panel and the ability to create playlists using simple drag and drop controls. You can connect to the server and host a live show at any time as well. The possibilities are endless.

Our Internet streaming service costs $2.95 per month. Included is 5 gigabytes of storage for your programs and/or music for up to 30 simultaneous listeners. That is more than enough for most semi-popular Internet Radio stations. If you need more streams, just ask. We'd love to hear from you :-)
Order $2.95 per month Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting here

• Prepared Apps (Softaculous Pro, Fantastico Deluxe, RVskins, RVSiteBuilder and more)

A list Softaculous Pro apps that can be loaded in a mouse click can be found Here at Softaculous. We carry the full packages (well over 300 scripts and well over 1100 classes) here so installation of your favorite tools and applications is simple. Softaculous Pro is ideal for Web Hosting companies. These scripts cover most of the uses a customer could ever have or need. We have covered a wide array of Categories so that everyone can find the required scripts to power their Web Sites.

Softaculous Pro can also import data of the installed scripts from other auto installers like Fantastico. The user can choose which scripts to import and which not to import. Once imported, Softaculous will be able to maintain the scripts for future updates.

Updates to scripts are made constantly. With Softaculous Pro, this is even easier to handle. When an update to a script you are using is made available, Softaculous notifies the admin (you most likely) of the update. Simply logging into your cPanel and clicking on the update message will make magic for you. This keeps your installations as safe as possible at all times. We highly suggest you apply updates as soon as they are made available. We give you the power! Use it!

Fantastico Deluxe adds even more to your choices. Most major scripts are found in Fantastico. We like to give you more choices.

RVSiteBuilder gives you a quick way to get a website up without any coding. Just start a project, get it set to the way you like it, then publish the web site. It just doesn't get any easier! If you like to code the websites yourself go right ahead. We give you FTP access to load your HTML and PHP code at will. PhpMyAdmin lets you update databases as needed. You can use other cron and network tools directly from cPanel as well. You will have what you need at Your Data Center web hosting.

Full database administration is available in your cPanel as well. If you are an advanced user you will appreciate all of the tools we have. We suggest that you back up your data before playing no matter the level of experience you have.

Everything you need is here. We have made sure of it. If you have questions please let us know. We gave you the keys to the castle, but not the map. That's where a good website host comes in handy. Just click on the chat icon any time or open a support ticket. We'll help you out.

When you succeed, so do we. We like happy customers. At these prices you will get happy fast :-)
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